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Meet Dr. Lynette Nissen, Chiropractor

I Was a Skeptic

Dr. Lynette Nissen, Toronto Chiropractor

Dr. Lynette Nissen, Chiropractor

“I was a skeptic,” admits Dr. Nissen, “an appointment was made for me to see a local chiropractor, Dr. Tom Sawa, for a knee injury that had incapacitated me. I was reluctant but kept the appointment. It ended up being a great experience. Not only did I regain my strength and flexibility but the chiropractor was able to help me with headaches I’d been suffering with for years. That’s when I first considered becoming a chiropractor.”

Becoming a Chiropractor

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, and raised in Toronto and Oakville, Dr. Lynette Nissen is an honours graduate of the University of Toronto Molecular Biology and Genetics program and worked in immunology and genetics research. Inspired by her interest in health and wellness and the great results she received with her own chiropractic care, she attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for a further four years of rigorous academic and clinical education. She graduated with honours in 1994 and continues to stay current in the profession by attending conferences and seminars regularly.

A Holistic Approach

As a chiropractor she is trained in a variety of hands-on-techniques for restoring function. These include manual diversified and activator adjusting techniques, as well as trigger point therapy, applied kinesiology, and various soft tissue and muscle techniques. She also has training in pediatrics. Her approach to care is holistic and aims to alleviate discomfort, maximize wellness and prevent further injury.

Away from Bloor-Avenue Chiropractic

Today regular chiropractic care helps keep Dr. Nissen at her best. She snowboards, power walks and practices yoga. Dr. Nissen’s family also benefit from chiropractic checkups.

“I still remember my first visit to the chiropractor and the apprehension I felt so we make a point of explaining everything in advance, answering questions and making our patients feel at ease.” If you think that chiropractic care can help you, contact  Bloor-Avenue Chiropractic.

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