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Bloor-Avenue Chiropractic Team

Our Chiropractors

Dr. Lynette Nissen, Chiropractor

“I was a skeptic.” admits Dr. Nissen, “an appointment was made for me to see a local chiropractor, Dr. Tom Sawa, for a knee injury that had incapacitated me. I was reluctant but kept the appointment. It ended up being a great experience. …read more about Dr. Nissen »

Dr. Paul Rankin, Chiropractor

Dr. Rankin is a graduate of the University of Toronto (Victoria College), the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and completed studies at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
…read more about Dr. Rankin »

Dr. Michelle Basil, Chiropractor

From her early childhood Dr. Michelle Basil was exposed to chiropractic care as a healing tool, not only as a way to help her manage headaches but also as a guide to a healthier lifestyle.
…read more about Dr. Basil »

Our Massage Therapist

Courtney Gidge, Registered Massage Therapist

After some years working in the broadcast industry, Courtney decided to pursue a career as a health care practitioner. In 2010, she was an honour graduate of Everest College and became a Registered Massage Therapist…
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Our Chiropractic Health Assistants

Cherle & Amelia are the Chiropractic Health Assistants

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