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Reviews for Bloor-Avenue Chiropractic

Warm Welcome And Treatment

I rang up as a new patient in a bit of a crisis, and these lovely people went out of their way to get me in without delay. Both the warm welcome and the treatment I received, along with detailed explanation of what was happening with my body and the required solution was comforting and effective. I was even offered an ice pack and a quiet space to help my body calm down after my treatment. Moreover, their practice offers complementary services that support a holistic approach to keeping the body happy and working well. I highly recommend these folks.
Sonia K.

Understanding Chiropractor

I am so grateful to them for getting me in quickly when I was experiencing such pain. After suffering for a year and a half with pain, being poked and prodded by my GP and neurologists and told I might need spinal surgery, one visit and I have a real diagnosis. A concrete plan of action to get me out of pain. And most important, I have faith in this confident practitioner. Read more…

In describing my journey to the doorstep, and all symptoms, it was determined immediately what my issue was. When I was told, in a matter of weeks I would be feeling better, I felt like I had won the health lottery. Not only that, but using the comprehensive materials I was provided of my assessment and it’s affects on my body, I am understanding how spinal health relates to so many issues, and I’m able to help educate others — including my other health care practitioners. I am confident and filled with hope because of outstanding chiropractic care.
Jennifer B.

Welcoming Healing Space

This was not my first visit, as I have been going to the clinic off and on since 1989 or so; however, I hadn’t been in several years. A very bad flare-up of a lower-back condition forced me to return. The clinic is, and has always been, a great place to come and feel better. I have always relied on the chiropractor’s fantastic treatments and superb “bedside manner.” I truly consider the clinic a welcoming, healing space, and the treatments I receive are always beneficial in helping me get back to normal again.
Heather R.

Exemplary Service

The staff at this clinic are inclusive of being; professional, friendly, attentive, and pro-responsive to their patients’ well being and health concerns. This experience left me feeling as though others can learn from the holistic example the staff at this clinic has to offer. Exemplary service indeed!
Cinda R.

Excellent Team

Excellent team, kind, polite people, very understanding. The practitioners are extremely skillful, professional and I experienced fast relief and felt immediately better. I wish we had more practitioners like them.

Evelyn C.


A very caring, compassionate and professional team of employees, and exceptional chiropractors!

Mary Elizabeth

Great place to better one’s overall health and well-being

I am really enjoying my experience! I am shocked at how well my body is responding to the chiropractic adjustments. I am also impressed how the staff communicate my particular health concerns to one another, working together to help me recover. The atmosphere is friendly, and usually I am seen right on time. I recommend my friends try coming here too- it really is a great place to better one’s overall health and well-being.


Miracle Worker

Great place. I don’t know what I would have done without a chiropractor after the car accident. A miracle worker.


Friendly, caring front desk staff

The chiropractors were wonderful. Also of note should be the friendly, caring front desk staff.


I can confidently say that I am headache-free

I came to the clinic out of desperation after suffering from persistent and severe headaches. My headaches had become so debilitating that I would often have to leave work and the pain was so extreme that it would bring me to tears. After receiving treatments, I can confidently say that I am headache-free. The results have truly been life-changing and I have never felt better. My chiropractor has been exceptional throughout this process and is extremely patient, helpful, caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the well-being of her patients. I am incredibly grateful to my chiropractor and the friendly staff and would unquestionably recommend clinic to others.

— Sarah

The change was miraculous

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee and could not bend it fully or straighten it out. Walking became so painful that I was practically immobile. Although I had been a chiropractic patient years before, I had stopped going. But when the pain became unbearable, I sought out chiropractic care once again. I underwent treatment for several weeks with the doctor, and the change was miraculous! Every step I now take is without pain and I can once again do things with my kids. I am so grateful to have my mobility and my life back!

— Susan

My blood pressure is back to normal

I was suffering from pain in my lower back, right leg, right side of my neck and upper back. I suffered from headaches, had dizzy spells and couldn’t sleep. All of this made my blood pressure rise. I tried pain relievers and consulted with my family doctor who thought it might be stress but didn’t offer a solution. My friends referred me to this clinic. My condition improved within 12 visits. I’m no longer having headaches or dizzy spells, my back isn’t hurting anymore and my blood pressure is back to normal. Now I see my doctor regularly because the treatments make me feel amazing. I have better concentration at work and I’m feeling all around healthy again.


I have more energy, wake up refreshed and love my new life

I have had the good fortune to be in such good care since March due to a diagnosis of fatty liver from my gastroenterologist. Meeting with the chiropractor was immediately encouraging. After I was asked in detail about my eating habits, exercise routine, medication regime and stress levels, my chiropractor wrote a  list of recommendations by the time of my next appointment. The recommendations were comprehensive and created specifically to help me with my health concerns. I was mortified to confess that lifestyle that had caused my fatty liver, but my chiropractor was professional and non-judgemental.Show More

There is no ego to deal with when stepping into the office. There isn’t just suggestions; I’m told the reason for it. I’ve learned that health is something that can be re-claimed through a concerted effort on my part. I am currently going for acupuncture and it is out of this world. My clothes fit much more comfortably than they used to before because I’m in better shape. I have more energy, wake up refreshed and love my new life.


Chiropractic care, without exaggeration, saved my life

I came to this clinic after my older brother, an RCMP constable was killed in the line of duty. The physical stress caused by the emotion and trauma of my brother’s death was acute. I could not walk, sleep or stand still without feeling pain. I started a rigorous regime of care with my chiropractor. We had a frank understanding of my circumstances and worked to provide the relief I needed. Chiropractic helped me sleep better, move and exercise when I had the energy. It also allowed energy to flow where it was needed most – in my case, my heart and my head – in order for me to get through the trying days in the months and years following my brother’s death. Chiropractic care, without exaggeration, saved my life. Thank you. I am honoured to provide this testimonial.


My flexibility is greater than it has been in fifteen years

Thank you, for your magical skills, your understated professionalism and the difference that you have made in my life. I came to see you because my left ankle was impeding my flexibility. I play golf and I like to walk the course when I do. Today, I am a different carcass! You treated my ankle by treating my spine and my flexibility is greater than it has been in fifteen years. My muscle tone has improved and in my mind I am clear that I’m doing the right things. Thank you to you and your practice: you are manna to me.


I didn’t even need X-rays!

For many years I suffered from intense lower back pain, a result of playing rugby, waterskiing and riding a motorcycle. Exercises helped to keep the pain bearable. Because my wife had great success with chiropractic treatments, I thought I might try it too. When I first met with the chiropractor, I was expecting an intense examination full of prodding and probing, but it’s not what materialized. I didn’t even need X-rays. After 8 weeks of treatments, I was persistently pain free. After suffering from chronic back pain for so long, I have the immense satisfaction of being able to move easily and freely again. I wish I had seen a chiropractor years ago!


I restored my balance and mobility

My chiropractor has been giving me chiropractic adjustments for the past 20 years. I first came for lower-back pain from an injury I had sustained in my teens. The effective and gentle treatments corrected the problem and my pain eventually subsided. With ongoing appointments, I restored my balance and mobility. Now I come here on a regular basis as a matter of prevention. My body is strong and healthy, and when I experience any discomfort, I know who to turn to first.

— Beth McAuley, Owner and Senior Editor, The Editing Company

Madison is now a well-adjusted baby

My baby Madison had a difficult delivery. She had serious colic that made her cry constantly, and was sleeping two to three hours at a time. When I came with her to see the doctor, Madison was approximately 6 weeks old. It was explained to me exactly how to treat Madison and my chiropractor was very delicate with her. There was no use of any pressure; it was more like a baby massage, and Madison enjoyed the attention. I immediately saw a change in Madison. She was able to sleep for longer periods of time; she was calmer and cried less. Thank goodness, because this meant that I could get more rest too! Madison is now a well-adjusted baby. I would absolutely without any hesitation recommend for all children and adults.

— Madison’s Mother

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